Some stories are so true that it is hard to believe.

The real story of the lost and rediscovered son.

Nick is a story about a boy from Texas who disappeared at age thirteen in 1994 . About the relentless quest of his sister, which was eventually crowned with success. A happy reunion with his family and everything what followed. Or is it all quite differently.
Some of the stories are fiction enough, that we will believe in them, whether we like it or not. New perspectives, new data can completely transform the tone of the event. Each new information is a piece of the puzzle that can fit in different places. What and under what conditions we are willing to believe? It is up to the viewer to pieced his story - and decided that he will believe in this.

Director: Petra Tejnorová
Cast: Hana Vágnerová (CZ)
Michal Sieczkowski (PL)
Jiří Konvalinka (CZ)
Dramaturgy: Kateřina Jandáčková, Jan Tošovský
Producer: STK Theatre Concept/ SKUTR, Fundacja Stuki Arteria
Co-producer: FLY Production, Manna Kulturális Egyesület
Production: Pavla Klouzalová
Set designer/Costume: Adriana Černá
Camera: Marek Bartoš, Dominik Žižka



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