Právě hrajeme

  • Some stories are so true that it is hard to believe.
  • We all have moments in our lives when a tempest bursts inside or around us. A break-up, the death of a sibling, a fear of nature. To quell the tempest we have to set out across the sea to a faraway island. Its...
  • Three men, three women. They smell their scent and feel the sparkling in the air. Nine relationships, encounters, falling in love and loving each other. Driven by desire they are searching whom they could...
  • Theatre show on the borders of many genres inspired by a true story of the men.
  • Dana Batulková, Zuzana Stavná a Renata Martinová retrospect their lives with humour and irony. The play is closing part of a trilogy La petite mort and The Men.


V sobotu 7. září jsme se komedií Sen noci svatojánské rozloučili s letošní sezónou. Odehráli jsme téměř 150 představení na několika scénách v Čechách na  Slovensku.


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